Astre d'Orient

Everybody knows about the most popular voice of the Arab world Oum Kalthoum, known as «Astre d’Orient» — «Kawkab Al Sharq» in Arabic. We created a perfume collection as a tribute to the diva, whose songs are filled with poetry and messages of love and peace. Praise to two illustrious and remarkable pieces of the artist’s work, our perfumer to extracted two olfactory hymns: Ya Habibi and Ya Fouadi.

Cultural & charity program for perpetuating the Artist’s fight for the Universal
Good, Astre d’Orient is part of a cultural and charity program uniting our company, our retail partner,
a renowned singer and an association fighting against children cancer.

Astre d’Orient Parfums pledge to donate a percentage of its profits to
the local Association.The brand will be launched with a single distributor for each country,
who will participate indirectly thanks to a specific price structure.Renowned volunteer singers will
insure the promotion by singing indifferent kind of events : launchings,concerts and charity parties

Ya Habibi
Ya Fouadi