Atelier Materi

ATELIER MATERI is a premium French fragrance house, founded in 2019, that combines consummate craftsmanship with a contemporary vision. Our object is to bring out the essence of raw materials. Inspired by the power and raw beauty of nature, our creations are a unique fusion of substance and style, of high-quality materials and a sober modernist aesthetic.It is the hand of man that gives a product a soul, so we call on master craftsmen every step of the way, from the painstaking process of material selection to the production of our fragrances and flacons.

Each ATELIER MATERI perfume explores a single raw material.
Whether precious, traditional or unusual, it is painstakingly
refined by our perfumer to bring out its intimate nuances and
innermost secrets in a stark and unique unisex fragrance,
with a modern elegance.

Cacao Porcelana
Peau d'Ambrette
Poivre Pomelo
Cuir d'Iris
Santal Blond