Maison Ianne

The Maison Ianne brand was born from a combination of art and olfactory experiments, which find expression in perfume collections and the creation of artistic, sophisticated and innovative fragrances.

Maison Ianne is pure art: every Maison Ianne fragrance is inspired by fashion, vintage motifs, fragrant flowers of the beautiful coasts of Amalfi and Sorrento, the birthplace of the founders of Maison Ianne, who, after many years of experience in the fashion industry, design and cosmetics, launched their first collection of signature fragrances , telling about the emotions and olfactory sensations accumulated during the day spent from dawn until late at night exploring the wonders of these unique places.

Concentrated and high quality raw materials, 100% Italian handcrafted by the craftsmen of the industry, love and passion, attention to detail, artistic expression and a carefully selected staff are some of the elements on which Maison Ianne's philosophy is based.

The Maison Ianne perfume is presented in a minimalistic yet iconic and unique package.
Enter the world of Maison Ianne: Maison de Parfums Made in Italy. Maison Ianne: iconic, avant-garde, unique.