Merhis Perfumes

A desirable niche perfume that exceeds necessity and ordinariness. A brand that brings freedom to set off against the mass – in every way – to maintain a lifestyle that fits the SUCCESSFUL and the AFFLUENT.

Conceptualized with a theme to leave not just the scent but the token of experiencing the luxury of MERHIS.

CPL Aromas – perfumer

The collection was created as a fragrance wardrobe where each reference is designed to fit a certain character of distinction & reputation. Each fragrance exudes individual personality and sends forth your own luxury scent. Along with the diamonds on the 18k gold letter pendant clinging on the bottle raised on an exquisite pedestal, truly emanates the distinctive value of MERHIS. Anyone would surely feel a stand-out among the rest.

The collection was launched in Esxence 2016 and currently displayed at EMIRATES PALACE in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates. On September 8, 2016, the full collection will be launched at The Downtown Palace in Dubai, UAE. Very soon, the entire range will be available online on our web store. Please continue to visit our website for further updates. We welcome all boutique houses around the world to send us inquiries on how to avail retail & distribution.