ACCENDIS is the result of a research concerning our inner light. In Latin “Accendis” means “you illuminate” but also “you bring out aromas”. Art can “illuminate” in the sense of giving things a new light. ACCENDIS fragrances have a strong personality because light is stronger than darkness. A perfume engages our senses and emotions. A common object, as common as the search for light, is transformed from a simple container for any kind of liquid, into an amazing fragrance bottle that leads you on a path where you are captured by emotions.

We are all animated by the light in our souls and we recognize, in different ways, its great importance. Somewhere in our souls, there is awareness that there is more than just a physical reality. It is something “magical”’ ... metaphysical.
The light of hope, of love, of passion, of victory and many others represent the essence of our lives. We all need a light to illuminate our horizons. Sharing all the emotions that this arouses can only evoke joy. Knowledge is also light and revelation. All these elements thus feed our light, our energy, our life.

For the ancient people, the black color was considered sacred to the deities and was used as a symbol of unity, pure essence and equality. It was seen as the total realization, the symbol of the highest authority. Symbol of knowledge and interaction with the Universe. Black and white as the eternal dualism.

The White is the hope for the future, the state of purity, the noble sentiments and the desire to change. The White evokes purity, spirituality, and divinity.