Arte Olfatto

This is the beginning of о morvelous Italian history, one of those that is always nice to hear.

In the '50s, when everything was liked with so much hope, Mr. Nappo opened in Neapolitan region a small shop adding a laboratory of essences. Fantasy and brightness, typical expressions of the Neapolitan people, allowed Mr. Nappo to have a thriving business. In this creative atmosphere, little Luigi grew. With great curiosity and creative spirit, he became passionate to fatherly activity, but also to the great literary masterpieces of adventure. Among all Salgari, perhaps the most exotic and exciting.

As an adult, taking over his father's company, he has created a perfume line. The launch his brand is his way to give form to emotions felt during imaginative trips in magnificent places, through the great adventure novels. It is never easy to identify the right olfactory nuance when translating your emotions in perfume, but ArteOlfatto is a success in this regard.

The 'perfumed' path focuses, for each creation, in a key element to express, better than others, the emotions aroused from the places and atmospheres idealized by literature.

Sublime Molècule
Calar Del Sole
Primero Marocaine
Oud Khasian
Ambre Delicieuse
Wild Orchid
Habano Vanilla
Bois Precious
Brise Marine
Black Hashish
Sine More