Cuir Caraibes Voyage collection


The sweet, icy Mojito instantly freezes the air rendering the moment eternal. Subtle notes of tonka beans, bananas and star fruit take flight. A storm rolls in like a flash of lightning drenching the beach party in a swirl of wild sensations. When the burning notes of leather, amber, patchouli and Guayacan wood ignite amidst the heat of ginger and Jamaican peppers. When cool ocean waves splash against volcanic rocks. When a bouquet of bergamot, citrus fruits and green mango are wrapped in a veil of white flowers heathered with vetiver… The result is as striking as a tropical storm.

TOP NOTES:  Green mango, Citrus notes, Bergamot

HEART NOTES: White flowers, Ginger, Pepper

BASE NOTES: Oud, Amber, Patchouli, Leather, Vetiver