Cuir Solaire



Sun-kissed Leather is a multifaceted woman – sneaky, untamable – whose beauty is totally unique. She bravely defies the power of a bull with her cunning wit. A radiant smile and ember eyes. She is the sun and the shadows.  The wind in her hair, she is fire and land and sea. In the heat of an Andalousian summer, she waves her fan, enhancing the diverse dimensions of each bouquet. The warmth of sunbaked leather, the charm of an iris garden sprayed with a mist of bergamot, sweet lime and citron. The profound melody of this perfume begins on a bed of leather, amber and heliotrope, wrapped in vanilla and  patchouli. Its power swells amidst a sensual dance of jasmine, cloves and orange blossoms, sprinkled with a few drops from the sea, before releasing the full-bodied grace of sweet oranges spiked with petit grain and bergamot.

TOP NOTES:  Sea notes, Orange, Pettitgrain, Bergamot

HEART NOTES:  Clove, Jasmine, Orange flowers

BASE NOTES:  Patchouli, Leather, Amber, Vanilla, Heliotrope