New sensational fragrance, Narciss Taiji, by Atelier Materi

Atelier Materi presented a new fragrance Narcisse Taiji


The strength and fragility of the narcissus, a fragrance between shadows and light. In NARCISSE TAIJI, the perfumer highlights the opposite forces in this precious and multifaceted flower. To the luminous and vegetal side of the freshly picked flower, the perfumer opposes the dark and animal side of the narcissus, enhanced by leather and patchouli accents. A perfect balance, surprising and sensual.

Origin: Narcissus of the Poets, grown in the mountains of the Massif Central, in Auvergne Aubrac plateau. Cultivation:
The narcissus grows wild in the Aubrac region, from an altitude of 1 000 metres In spring, the wild flowers are picked fresh by local farmers. Our supplier is concerned about preserving an eco responsible French industry and guarantees the sustainable exploitation of the flower The wild harvest does not require any fertiliser before flowering Following the extraction process, the waste is recycled by our partner to create organic fertiliser 1600 kg of fresh flowers are used to produce 1 kg of 100 pure and natural Narcissus absolute Olfactory characteristics: Narcissus absolute has an intense and multifaceted fragrance: a spicy, floral, green and balsamic heart, mixed with herbaceous notes of hay; an animalic, tobacco, honeyed, slightly earthy base.