N°21, a radiant floral composition with fruity accords and solar undertones. It  opens with zesty orange, luminous orange blossom and earthy fig leaves. As  the scent develops, creamy frangipani, cardinal flower and calla lily create a  deliciously fragrant bouquet. In the base, notes of amberwood and cedarwood  add a sunkissed effect to the scent.

Comment by Cyril Rolland at Mane: ”The dark red colouring of the flower in this  this photo encouraged thoughts of passion and intensity which is why I wanted to  create a rich, deep scent. The fragrance starts with zesty orange, luminous orange  blossom and earthy fig leaves, and as the scent develops, creamy frangipani, cardinal  flower and calla lily create a deliciously fragrant bouquet. This composition of radiant  florals, fruity accords and solar undertones is sensual and addictive, evocative of soft  sun-kissed skin.”

Top note; fig leaves, orange, orange blossom 

Heart note; frangipani, cardinal flower, calla lily 

Base note; amber, cedarwood

The perfumer; Cyril Rolland at Mane.