Through the gardens and citrus groves of Pompeii, Silenus wanders and sings his songs. With a light step, with a caustic smile, he stirs the leaves of orange trees. Delicate flowers fall and radiate fresh green notes.

These are places of "otium" and meditation, where the drunken old Silenus conveys with his music and songs the amber sound of his ancient travels in the Mediterranean, reflecting the images of the eastern lands with notes of Sichuan pepper, ylang-ylang and a nostalgic marine chord.

The myth feeds on nature, and nature keeps the myth in the forest with the scent of flowers and fruits.
Silenus is a sage who despises earthly goods, is considered a seer who opens the future only under duress. From his stories appear washed ashore forests covered with algae and brackish water in the morning. Fantastic life stories woven from the sounds, smells and tastes of carelessness, wine with the aroma of precious woods and cedar wood.

Notes: precious wood, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, sea notes, Sichuan pepper, fruits, floral notes