About us

 According to expert assessments, Russian perfumery market is currently growing more robustly than European, and this growth is expected to continue over the next few years. The fastest growth rate is being observed in the luxury segment, and this trend appears to be stable.

Right now, riding the current wave of growth and development, the entry of select brands onto the Russian market is particularly well-timed and promising from the standpoint of future sales.

In this period, riding on the wave of growth and development, promotion of the selective brands in Russian market is the most promising line from the future sales point of view.

Distribution company Fragrance Russia was founded in 2012 by professionals with broad-based, successful experience working with niche-selected perfumery in both retail and distribution.

Our company strives to bring new, European principles of conducting business to the Russian perfumery market:

· European prices (concordance between the price for a marketed brand in Russia and European prices),

· high level of marketing and PR support (strengthening of distributed-brand positions using a comprehensive set of professionally-developed marketing and PR campaigns),

· serious approach to market formation: development of perfumery culture in general, and the culture of niche perfumery as its most interesting part for our purposes.

Placing stake on effective, comprehensive work with a small portfolio of brands, we rely on our experience in dealing with select perfumery, professionalism of each and every member of our team, and strong ties with the press, bloggers and opinion shapers.

Our unique distribution policy, geared towards long-term business endeavors, provides our partners with extremely convenient commercial terms and a high level of profitability, coupled with a solid loyalty of the final consumer.

Our “portfolio” already includes the following brands: , MDCI (France), Atelier Materi (France), David Jourquin (France), Panouge (France), Genyum (Spain), Noble Royale (France), Merhis (UAE), Paolo Gigli (Italy), Parfum d`Empire (France), Flumen Profumi (Italy), Absolument Parfumeur (France), Jardin de France (France), Paolo Pecora (Italy), Arte Olfatto (Italy), Accendis (Italy), Royal Fragrances (Great Britain), Signature (Great Britain), Astre d'Orient (France), SG79 (Sweden), Araxi (Italy). All these brands are sold in the most prominent foreign stores: Printemps (Paris), Taizo (Cannes), Harrods (London), Parfumerie Theodora (Geneve), Parfumerie Osswald (Zurich), Saks and Harvey Nichols (Dubaï), Saks (Bahreïn), House of Fraser (Abu Dhabi), and many others.

We always welcome new partners!

Georgy Ivanov
Pavel Timofeev
Elena Mihalchenko
Anastasia Nedelko
Semenchrnko Marina
Ksenia Tayokina