Bright events of the Accendis brand

Accendis translated from Latin - "shine" or "scent", an Italian niche brand - discovery, created by designer Emy Cesaroni-Rodriquens. Despite the fact that this star has risen in the niche sky quite recently, every year it shines brighter and brighter. Launch in the most fashionable and famous niche stores around the world, press conferences and articles in international magazines. The brand has won great love from niche connoisseurs and continues to win the hearts of fans around the world. One of the significant events of 2020 was the launch of the brand at Saks Fifth Avenue in Mexico. Here are just some of the Accendis highlights over the past three years:

- Brazil 2019: Launch in the first niche perfume store in Brazil called NEECHE - San Paolo
- 2019 Hungary : press conference in Hungary - Budapest
- 2019 : Cannes France. Participation to Tax free world Exhibition
- 2020 Article on the first magazine dedicated to niche perfumes in Brasil
- 2020 Mexico: launch in Saks Fifth avenue Mexico
- 2021 Colombia: Launch in the first niche perfume store in Colombia called NEECHE - Bogotà