Genyum brand presentation in Santa Eulalia Barcelona

May 28, 2020 

Brand presentation in Santa Eulalia Barcelona 

Luxury store founded in 1843, Santa Eulalia is a benchmark in the world of fashion. In its more than 2000 m2 you will find a carefully selected array of international luxury brands and collections for men and women. 

Genyum: the new bohemian brand to unleash your inner artist

Being creative and expressing yourself through art is not necessarily a career – it’s a state of mind. To all those who remain sensible, open-minded and rebellious even having a “normal” 9 to 5 job: we found a perfect brand to bring out your inner artist. Meet Anna Torrent and her independent perfume brand Genyum, born in a sculptor’s studio. Every fragrance by Genyum is celebrating the free spirit of artists. Which one will celebrate yours?

Genyum is such a unique name. How would you define the Genius and recognize one in a crowd?

Our brand is an homage to artist themselves and not their masterpieces. For me they are the masterpiece, they challenge the spectators’ intellect and their genius makes us enjoy and see the world differently. Recognizing a genius in a crowd…interesting question, they are people of all kinds and very heterogeneous! I could maybe say many of them are: eccentric and non-conformist individuals. They are creative, rebel, sensible and remain apart from social conventionalisms. They carry an irregular working life and are often affectively liberal, without bonds. They are interested in cultivating their souls through art, philosophy and/or spiritual contemplation.

Your brand was born in a sculptor’s studio. How did you build that bridge between the sculpture and the world of scents?

The bridge was built through my two passions: scents and art. Well let’s say three: and love. My husband is an iron sculptor.

I first started the project willing to create sophisticated organic perfumes, but it was complicated to get sophistication due to restrictions in ingredients, fixatives, and some other technicalities. When I quitted my job in Carolina Herrera Fragrances, I set a table in my husband’s studio to work on the conceptualization and inspiration came from seeing him work, his materials, his routines and feeling the necessity to express the admiration to artists, their interpretation of the world, how they never stop creating and their admirable lonely work.

"Genyum perfumes are dedicated to artists. This is the way to express my admiration to all of them and thank them for the crucial work they do for individuals and society." According to you, what is the closest art form to perfumery and why?

Each artistic discipline has its own olfactive identity and it is just that what I study and pursue till finding the essence. To do so, I study very well what defines the universes and work on each of them with the artists of the corresponding discipline and the expert perfumer.

“They are creative, rebel, sensible and remain apart from social conventionalisms. They are interested in cultivating their souls through art, philosophy and spiritual contemplation.”

Fragment of an interview with brand creator Anna Torrents