LOI D'UNE FEMME is an olfactory dedication to Catherine the Great from Noble Royale

“I told myself that happiness and mystery depend on ourselves. If you feel unhappy, rise above it and act so that your happiness does not depend on all external events. "

- Robert K. Massey, Catherine the Great: A Portrait of a Woman.

The long-awaited new creation by perfumer Philippe Paparella-Paris, "The Law of the Woman", is dedicated to Catherine the Great. The fragrance captures from the first notes with its phenomenal femininity. Transparent accords of lily of the valley, jasmine, rose are intertwined with hints of exquisite fruits, apricot, peach, pink berries and raspberries. This delicate mixture of undertones, hints and unexpressed mysteries, like the bewitching flicker of the lights of the Catherine Palace, leaves a regal and imperious note of morocco leather and musk in the base.

"The prestigious scent of a charismatic queen. For women in their prime, an addictive floral-fruity scent. For those women who never doubt their strength, value and importance, and deserve every chance and opportunity in the world." - brand description.