Meeting with Pascal Rolland at Novinsky

30 November 2019

The first scent of the new House of ABSOLUMENT ABSINTHE was predictably dedicated to absinthe, a bohemian, narcotic drink that has inspired generations of Parisian artists and musicians. The freshness of the herbaceous sound of the absinthe note determines the character of the composition, which is both intoxicating and invigorating. The fragrance was a success, both in the original sound and in the male and female versions, and was followed by the composition LA TREZIEME NOTE, the name of which refers to the perfume legend about the magic thirteenth note and the movie "Perfumer".

After Thirteenth Note, Pascal Rolland decided to start over. As if forgetting about the first line of fragrances, he looked for inspiration for a completely new olfactory creation, which became LUXURY OVERDOSE. This is luxury on the verge ... a luxury that arouses admiration not only in itself, but also as an extreme point, skillfully found by a master, after which there would be too much of it. The only thing that this fragrance has in common with the first perfume line is fresh notes. "We even came up with a new definition for such a scent," says Pascal Rolland, "we called it 'fresh oriental' because oriental scents are never fresh, and we made it that way."

Developing the theme of luxury, Mr. Pascal created another "fresh oriental" fragrance, which he called "Osmanthus Rain". Surprisingly sensual, thanks to the precious oriental sound of osmanthus, and at the same time refreshing like a sudden rain, this fragrance is the second in the LUXURY OVERDOSE line. Mr. Pascal promised to present the third fragrance of the line to the public next year, and we will look forward to it!