On March 13th, the founders of NEBU MILANO presented the concept of the brand, demonstrated beauty products that have already gained fame and love and announced new ones in the “PARFUMER” salon in Novinsky shopping center.

The creators of the brand - husband and wife - Adam and Tamara put incredible inspiration, passion for luxury, unique technologies and, of course, their love into their products. From the formula to the three-layer gold plating on the cases - everything is made in Italy without the slightest compromise, you can be sure of the quality of every detail. The shape of the packaging is perfect. The formulas do not contain animal fats and parabens. The engineering solutions invented by Adam made it possible to achieve an incredible result: if you accidentally drop powder or shadows, they will not break, and the mascara will not roll off the table, since the case is balanced in a special way. 

 A pleasant surprise for the guests was a short but incredibly emotional performance of Tamara, who sang several songs and presented several CDs with her autograph.