New brand in Fragrance Russia distribution

Combining fiction and reality, Nayassia captures the evocative memory of memories through great stories and famous fairy tales to bring to life the first two collections of rare and daring fragrances, Plume d'Occident and Plumes d'Orient. Collection The colorful, bright, touching Plume d'Orient collection is a story of iconic and vivid life moments that tell about an odyssey, about future promises, about love on Long Island ... fairy tales and splendor of the East. Each Nayassia fragrance leads us into a wonderful and filled world, where the statements of men and women of the East become poetry, combining wisdom and harmony ...

“In the summer of 1983, after a long journey, I come to France in a charming fishing village, Seth. I'm 7 years old. I only see the sea. The sea is everywhere. The surf brings with it waves of memories and images that take me back to my childhood. In a time of bright colors of the garden and family home in Algeria, which are erased from my memory.

I play with a small imaginary feather, which, at my request, brings back the feeling of my past. I only need a scent for it to appear, and my treasure is all around me. There were so many other travels to Paris, Zurich, Montreal, Dubai - each of them is another stage in my life. Armed with this pen, I am no longer afraid of losing my memories.

Fella Cherchali