New masterpieces in The Paintings collection from MDCI

In 2020, The Paintings collection from MDCI has been replenished with new fragrances. Two limited editions are dedicated to paintings by famous French artists. Each new scent of the MDCI brand, which is called “high art” in the perfumery community, is a real sensation for all connoisseurs, collectors and experts of perfumery art. The creator and owner of the MDCI brand, Claude Marshal, spoke about his new creations:

“I think you remember the collection of fragrances based on the famous paintings The Paintings collection that we started last year? We started with the three men's fragrances Bleu Satin, Cuir Cavallier and L'Homme Aux Gants, created by Cecile Zarokian and Natalie Feistauer. Now we are ready to present the first two fragrances for women in this collection.

The first one is called La Surprise, and is inspired by the painting of the same name by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, which is now in the Frick collection in New York. The painting is part of the "Stages of Love" series of four paintings commissioned by Madame Dubarry in 1770-1773, its other name is La Rencontre ("The Pursuit"). The scent based on the painting was created by Cecile Zarokian.

Another fragrance, L'Aimee ("Beloved"), was created by Natalie Feistauer and is based on the portrait of Madame Serizier by Jacques-Louis David in the Louvre. Madame Serizia is the beautiful wife of Monsieur Serizia, who became the model for the chic masculine fragrance in the same collection and is still under evaluation. I just can't stop at one version of it ... "