New mesmerizing legend from Accendis, Nooria fragrance

Nooria is an intriguing and passionate scent that can ignite your sensuality and the power of seduction! It is a triumph of floral accords dominated by jasmine, one of the most sexually appealing ingredients, combined with seductive tuberose, with its sweet and narcotic scent. A seductive bouquet with hints of vanilla, patchouli and amber. A great choice for a sunny summer!

Fragrance legend:

"Nooria is always radiant and cheerful, she comes back to earth every time to rekindle the light. Born by the sun and reborn in its rays, she dances, plays and frolics, hiding in the shade of trees, running down the green slopes of the mountains, truly free. daughter of the sun, laughing like a child, a golden-haired beauty who lives in the radiance of the water, in the rain of golden rays. "