The new Panouge collection is an expression of creativity and freedom

In a minimalist pastel shade, Panouge Paris's Matières Libres collection was conceived by Creative Director Ranja Naim to express the freedom of the perfumers' imagination. Following their own inspiration, they combined perfume ingredients into compositions without any restrictions. The young talents Marie Schnirer and Patrice Revillard from Maelstrom took part in this daring experiment. In addition to his contribution as a perfumer, Patrice Reviyard presented all four fragrances in the form of watercolors, revealing another of his talents. Matières Libres is an expression of creativity in all its diversity.

The Matières Libres Panouge Paris collection includes four fragrances, two of which came from Marie Schnerer and two others by Patrice Reviyard. Using unexpected bright ingredients, they trusted the free flight of fantasy, far from the norms of conformity. Each fragrance is named after two key ingredients. The collection combined different types of art in a single prism: fragrances, drawing, music and even cinema.

Perfumer Patrice Réviar on one of his fragrances from the Matières Libres collection:
“I wanted to create a dope flower. A reminder of the era of the "Black Queen", the insidious poisoner, Catherine de Medici. If Datura Amaretti were a film, it would be the film "Queen Margot" by French director Patrice Chereau about the tragic fate of Queen Marguerite de Valois, a freedom-loving and loving woman. The material with which the fragrance is most associated is velvet.