New Year's gift from Arte Olfatto - 4 new fragrances of the collection

Arte Olfatto pleased his fans with a real New Year's gift. The brand has expanded the collection with four new fragrances. Calar Del Sole "Sunset" draws a range of sensations from the dazzling rays of the Italian Amalfi Coast to the bliss in the honey-amber tints of the setting sun.

Sublime Molecule "Sublime Molecule" connects two facets of the human soul - carnal, animal and sublime divine nature. Impressive contrast. The aroma is able to lift you to the skies and immerse you in the most unknown and enticing abyss.

Primero Marocaine "First Moroccan" - no, this is not the same Morocco, bound by strict rules and traditions. It is rather the freedom-loving spirit of the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen, where the musician Bob Marley spent 10 years of his life. The rhythms of his forbidden and unbridled music sound in the heart of the fragrance with burnt notes of Moroccan hashish, gradually acquiring truly royal and luxurious features with hints of saffron, tobacco and oud.

Yakamoz "Yakamoz" is a Turkish word, which has no analogues in any foreign language. It is recognized as the most beautiful word in the world. Yakamoz is the flickering of moonlight on the moving surface of the night sea. All the mystery and mystical romanticism of this phenomenon is in this burning and exciting aroma, which combines all known aphrodisiacs. Narcotic air and the magic of a warm oriental night.