The Paintings collection by MDCI has been replenished with an incredible new fragrance - l`elegant

This beautiful portrait of Monsieur Serisia by his friend Jacques-Louis David in 1795 inspired Irene Farmacidi to create this sophisticated and complex fragrance, a bold blend that reflects the elegance and character of the model. The original painting can be admired in the Louvre in Paris next to a portrait of his beautiful wife, also by David.

The artist, Jean Louis David, was an ardent revolutionary who supported Robespierre and Marat. For his political views, he was arrested and imprisoned, from where he was released on the bail of the lawyer Pierre Serizia and settled on his estate in Favier. In gratitude for the help, the artist paints a portrait of Monsieur Serisia, an elegant young man of progressive views, dressed in the latest English fashion, which is gaining popularity in post-revolutionary France. The portrait of Pierre Serizia is the second part of the diptych, in addition to the portrait of his wife, Madame Serizia.

This perfume masterpiece was planned to be released in 2019 - but it was released only in May 2021.

“It was a difficult choice. We wanted to create a fragrance that changes and develops over time. We wanted to get a little freshness in the finished fragrance to convey the cloudy sky depicted in the painting in the background, but in addition, some elegance and gloss that are visible in the image of the protagonist. There is uncertainty and ambiguity in this, and in this I see the originality of the scent, ”- art director Claude Marshal.