Genyum is an homage to geniuses and their bohemian way of life. It explores and joyfully celebrates the creativity, originality and brilliance of that way of life. It allows the free spirit embodied by artists, poets, writers, dancers, musicians and idealistic intellectuals to be shared through a fragrance. A spirit of free thought.

An intimate universe among studios, ingenuity and an unstopable passion for creation. Genious people with an unusual capacity to interpret the word in a different manner. A bohemian style, austere, away from social standards.Visionaires, brave, challengers. We owe them the progress and the real creation.

Artists. Visionaries who fight for future realities, who dream of a different present. You who cannot live if not liberated.You who drown when submerged in social norms, dogmas, economic interests, vulgarity… You who take as brothers and sisters those who fight to live their life in a constant creative process.You whose prints last in time, who will forge paths towards a better world.You who, armed with brush and pen, chisel and torch, music and movement, fight to preserve truth and beauty. You who reveal everything that would silence you for what it is and have the courage to reject it. Geniuses, let us approach you. We want to breathe you in, coat ourselves in your spirit in order to become a part of your universe.

Let us smell your hands, your studios, your raw materials and tools.Let us be inspired by that which inspires you and let our imagination take flight so that we can understand your genius.Let us share the smells that make up your world with the same generosity with which you share your art.Let us accompany you on your journey, without limits, our faces turned to the wind, driven by the desire to create. Genyum inspires us.