Ambre Topkapi



A classic perfume full of elegance by a major artist, a great authority, the first one which has been created for the brand and always followed by its regular customers. it is still an olfactory embodiment of a complex and strong masculine character - it was for this scent that a sculptural male bust-stopper was created that adorns MDCI bottles, originally a bust of the Roman emperor Caracalla - and at the same time, according to the creator of the brand, Claude Marshall, a symbol of a noble and disappearing East ... A cocktail of sparkling spices mixes with the strong sound of herbs - basil, lavender and thyme, cardamom and cinnamon - the aroma seems to ring with greens, as a metal blade rings, vibrating as usual. Floral notes unfold almost defiantly in a bold alliance with black tea. Unique personality distinguishes this vibrant perfume with a regally luxurious trail.

Top notes : bergamot, grapefruit, pineapple, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, thyme, absinth, lavender

Heart notes : jasmine, lily of the valley, violet

Bottom notes : oak foam, patchouli,vetiver, rosewood, sandalwood, raspberry, Darjeeling tea, amber, vanilla, musk.

Pierre Bourdon