"bisque" versions for men



A new range of flacons now makes access to the unique aesthetics of the brand easier. The immaculate white of the material used here emphasizes the beauty of the sculptures:finding the particular formula of the material used here and the rigth method took years, but the final result is well worth the effort: the little sculptures have a surprizingly soft "feel", a "silky" touch which makes the flacons truly sensual and unique and the fine detailing which earned the brand recognition is as present here as in the fine "bisque" versions.

Sculpted with great attention to detail, the immaculate white bisque stoppers capture the beauty and serenity of the graceful feminine figure and the strength of the masculine portrait. Snow-white, stone-hard and soft as silk, bisque is perfectly suited for a luxury perfume bottle. Signed and numbered, fully functionnal, these flacons are prized collector pieces.

For Men:

Ambre Topkapi, Invasion Barbare, Chypre Palatin, Cuir garamante, Le Barbier de Tanger