Cuir Garamante


An addictive perfume, as bestial as sophisticated. From the first notes images of lost tribes of the deserts pop up, of happy Arabia, of the Horn of Africa. Images of caravans loaded with spices and precious resins. Manly fragrances of tanned leathers combining heady scents of rose fragrances. Claude Marshall, creator of the MDCI brand, was born in Egypt and - by his own admission - the magic of the desert still dominates his fantasies. Whether this was the reason for the appearance of the fragrance or just its name, we do not know, but the rich leather-amber Cuir Garamante turned out to be dedicated to the Garamants - an ancient, now extinct tribe of the deserts of Libya and Egypt. Cuir Garamante is a very modern and comfortable fragrance that does not leave indifferent perfumery gourmets of both genders: exquisitely leather, seductively spicy, woody-smoky - it is wild but sophisticated, irresistibly masculine, yet sensual enough to be enchantingly feminine. A magical mixture in which roses, spices and precious vanilla play with accords of oud and papyrus, gradually disappearing into a soft oriental sillage.

Main olfactive notes :

Head notes : rose bay, nutmeg, saffron

Heart notes : rose, oud notes, papyrus, leathers

Base notes : labdanum, incense, Bourbon vanilla, sandalwood

Richard Ibanez