The legendary fragrance from 2006, by the hands of the famous Francis Kurkdjian for MDCI, has been recreated in 2023. An interweaving of noble oriental chords and a riot of filigree floral notes with the unique handwriting of master Francis Kurkdjian, an extraordinary gift for connoisseurs of high perfumery.

“Abduction from a harem” - this is how the title of this composition is translated. The fragrance promises an ecstatic olfactory journey with the most dizzying shades of feelings. A quivering, fragile and exciting masterpiece dedicates into the mystery of the unknowable, hidden from view, east.

Exotic ylang-ylang in the interweaving of bergamot and mandarin precedes a dive into the heart of the fragrance, filled with a scattering of crystalline, sonorous floral notes that touch the strings of your soul. Seductive tuberose, sensual jasmine, majestic rose and wallflower bloom at the heart of this mesmerizing composition. The base of the aroma remains sandalwood, patchouli, shades of smoky forest vetiver and vanilla.

Enlevement au Serail is the most lush, delicious and desirable flower. The aroma is created to complement your image at social receptions and special events. It harmonizes perfectly with luxurious furs, fabrics and jewelry. The sound of Enlevement au Serail has a vintage aristocracy and charm that promises to leave a mark on the history of perfumery. Like the golden ratio, the fragrance is flawless in every aspect and combines a mood of spontaneity, sophisticated audacity and unprecedented luxury.

Luca Turin awarded this fragrance the highest score - 5 points, which is equivalent to a masterpiece of perfumery art.

Bergamot, Vanilla, Egyptian Vetiver, Jasmine, Wallflower, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli Leaves, Mandarin, Mexican Tuberose, Rose, Sandalwood