The history of Omnia Profumi and its products originates from a combination of passion and experience in the field of jewelry and gemology, in which the Tagliacarne family has been working for many years. Fabrizio Tagliacarne, creator of unique jewels, founded Omnia Profumi in 2009. The passion for essences that had always fueled Fabrizio gave rise to new experiences and a new creative path.

Each fragrance speaks of a moment, a period, a fragment of Fabrizio's life, and each fragrance pairs with stone or metal to create a Jewel collection rich in precious and natural essences.
Stones and metals, the materials that inspired him when crafting his jewelry, now inspired him to create his perfumes, and when he wanted to highlight new precious fragrances and diversify some popular fragrances, he created the White Stones "White Stones". For example, White Madera, which, with a note of anise, gives its classic Madera fragrance a fresher and summery touch.

This is how Omnia is born, unique and precious pieces capable of conveying an immediate and palpable sophistication.
Omnia was born with the "Stones" collection, followed by "Metals" and "White Stones". In 2019, the new Olfactory Relations Collection was launched in Dubai, Milan and Cannes.

Omnia's bestseller is Madera, one of the first fragrances created. Omnia Vanillas are full, round, enveloping and long lasting and are found in many fragrances from different collections. For this reason, Omnia has chosen to include them in the Vanilla collection to highlight this category of sought-after essences.