Panouge finds its roots in Lavarenne-Paris perfumes, a French House founded in 1946 and specialized in creation of Eau de Cologne. Panouge benefited to a great extent from these origins to develop its knowledge of perfumes. Panouge House was officially created in 1984 with the acronym “Parfums Nouvelle Génération” with the launch of its first perfume - Business Man - which was a great success. Panouge perfumes are an invitation to awaken your senses with breathtaking emotions. Having conceived perfumes for designers and luxury brands, such as Isabey, - the French Luxury House of the Roaring Twenties, Jacques Fath - the modern designer of the French Haute Couture and Masaki - the avant-gardist Japanese creator, Panouge then decided to dedicate its mastery to creating its own perfumes. With more than twenty years of experience, Panouge acquired the legitimacy to launch its own selective line. Emancipating itself from any pre-conceived marketing trends, Panouge offers more than fragrances. Its mission is to offer the quality of Made in France perfumes . Each perfume is created to inspire desire, glorify beauty, evoke memories, reveal own personality and reveal the invisible. Each perfume has its own story and a signature scent which reflects a perfect harmony between the essences. Liberated from these constrains, Panouge sets its own codes and enters into the luxurious world of the Haute Parfumerie.