Paolo Gigli


Nello Gigli & Figlio has its headquarters in Sesto       Fiorentino, a small town in the suburbs area of Florence.

It is well known that this area was the birthplace of great artists having the importance of Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo, and right here the company, founded by Nello Gigli, began the decoration of glass, of crystal and the study of fragrances and of refilling.

The products form the history of this creative company that is also very capable of updating and it was thanks to constant research in the field of fashion, taste and different personalities and constantly undergoing changes in its consumers that led it in the Fifties to combine decorations of silver leaves and embossed daisies with flowery and tranquil fragrances.

In the Seventies with enamelled and 24 K gold embossments inspired by the Venetian eighteenth century with spicy, consistent and strong fragrances, and now platinum decorations intertwine with golden decors on angular bottles that enclose perfumes with relaxing wooden hints combined with amber in a perfect combination, providing emotions that can be felt but also touched.

In laboratories, nose experts mix various natural fragrances and are inspired by the smell of the Tuscan countryside, creating olfactory pyramids and subjecting them to a careful screening process in order to satisfy the specific requirements of people with different tastes: classical and modern.

Always working in collaboration with decorators in order to create a unique, exclusive and elegant product for clients that know how to appreciate and distinguish the original nature of artistic 'hand-made' crafts that match perfectly with different fragrances.

The classical decorations created using this ancient technique, but immortal of the 'three fires' given this name because the bottles were put into special ovens and baked at 550° C three times, guarantees permanent adherence of the decoration to the glass or crystal, even if it comes into accidental contact with the perfume.

After more then 50 years, Paolo Gigli products are still all decorated by hand by the master craftsmen and, as you can imagine, this means time and skill, and that’s why every piece the company produces is unique in its genre, never exactly identical, because it has been created by the paint-brush of decoration artists.