The niche brand Perfume Cult was created by perfume enthusiasts from around the world. The brand's fragrances and collections were developed by a team of experienced professionals in accordance with available scientific information on the effects of odors and with reverent respect for perfume culture. All brand scents are made in the form of perfumes, which means that the concentration of the perfume composition in them is 28%.

Inside each box there is a “passport”, which contains basic information about the aroma, perfumer and composition. In addition, there is a QUAR code that, when scanned, opens a video about the fragrance. With extensive experience in the perfume industry, the creators of the Perfume Cult brand understand the power of scent and how to use scents to achieve their goals. In 2022, they combined their knowledge to create a brand of functional perfumes - a brand that will truly make people happier.

Influencing not only the mind, but also directly the emotions, fragrances have much more power over us than we realize. Having no barriers, becoming breathing, they are able to awaken the most vivid memories in a person and evoke real feelings. Perfumery is our cult. And we translated our admiration into a perfume house. Perfume Cult fragrances are sources of unconditional joy, secret weapons of seduction and gifts worthy of kings.