David Jourquin

David Jourquin’s main character traits – sensitive, refined, perfectionist, driven by a deep inner passion – are reflected in each of his fragrances.

In 2011 David Jourquin presented two perfumery compositions for men. Cuir Mandarine is a day version, and Cuir Tabac is an evening variant. These fragrances for men are for passionate and spontaneous, impudent and elegant, instinctive and complicated personalities.  

Fragrances of David Jourquin have been created in collaboration with the perfumers Cecile Zarokian and David Jourquin.

David Jourquin fragrances are out of time, they are both modern and classic. They have their individual style, they are not trying to be nice for everyone, but tend to become the most important for the chosen ones. The perfumer has given his name to the fragrances and made them to be magnetic and authentic.  David Jourquin perfumery is sincere as a promise, priceless as certainty, quintessence of precious ingredients, elegant, refined and extremely emotional.