Chypre Palatin


Opulent. Sumptuous. Imperial : Palatine Cyprus could be compared to brocades or to a rare fur such as zibeline fitted for a Tsar. It is perfect for daily wear, sophisticated, warm, precious but easy and discrete. Of an unusual elegance. Here, on the Palatine Hill, where Romulus and Remus were nursed by a she-wolf, the history of Ancient Rome began. And here the inspiration was born ... Chypre Palatin is a love story. Love of a great perfumer. Love at first sight for exceptional ingredients that few people can afford to work with. Classic chypre? Yes and no. Re-created by the talent of Bertrand Duchaufour, it reveals itself divinely on skin ... both male and female. Incredible richness of ingredients: the natural radiance of the top notes of citrus, green and herbal gradually reveals an extremely delicate floral heart. Invigorating and classically elegant, powdery and gentle, deep and mysterious A magnificent multifaceted perfume, complex and beautiful, unique as the entire MDCI collection.

Main olfactive notes :

Head notes : hyacinth, tangerine, cistus, galbanum, thyme, lavender

Heart notes : rose, jasmine, iris, prune, gardenia

Base notes : benzoin, styrax, castoreum, leathers, tolu, vanilla, (“absolue “) everlasting, oak foam

Bertrand Duchaufour