Péché Cardinal / Cardinal Sin


A greedy and sensual explosion, for many people a...sin they are unable not to commit. Enchanting, voluptuous, subtle, generous, feminine, from the first to the final note. An explosion of floral fragrance, a sea of ​​ripe fruits and good mood. Having inhaled this aroma, it is impossible to contain a joyful smile! Its delightful sparkling - and at the same time velvety - notes evoke an unquenchable desire to dance seductively and laugh carefree. Coconut with artemisia davana creates the feeling of an exotic cocktail to be drunk on a paradise beach, feeling the sensual aroma of sun-warmed skin nearby ... Less innocent than it seems from the first notes, Péché Cardinal reveals an intriguing cool lily and hypnotic tuberose. The soft woody trail teases with hints of musk.

Main olfactive notes/ingredients :

Top notes : davana, peach, coconut, blackcurrant

Heart notes : tuberose, prune, lily

Bottom notes: cedar, sandalwood, musk

Amandine Marie