Cio Cio San


An olfactory work on a theme rarely visited, that of the Far East, dreamed of, idealized and in the end a poetic fragrance and of an extreme sophistication but above all joyful and happy. This eternally youthful, romantic scent, which embodies the refined beauty of the Japanese geisha, was named after Puccini's heroine in the opera of the same name. Sophisticated and sophisticated, it is inspired this time not by the luxury of the Mediterranean civilizations typical of the MDCI collection, but by 19th century Japan with its distinctive majestic culture and passion for excellence in every detail. An intoxicating splash of fruity and floral notes is played with delicate delicate accords that evoke the elegance of Japanese gardens. The translucent train is woven from notes of precious woods and tea.

Main olfactive notes :

Top notes : yusu, lime, ginger, grapefruit

Heart notes: cherry flowers, peony, litchi, "reed" for a refreshing and aqueous effect,

"oolong" tea (blend of lightly smoked green tea)

Bottom notes : gaiac, cedar, musk, oolong tea

Cécile Zarokian